Welcome to Dr Looi Kok Poh Personal Blog

Welcome to Dr Looi Kok Poh Personal Blog

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Doctor Looi Kok Poh personal blog

Dr Looi Kok Poh (Dr Looi KP) Personal Blog

Coming from humble beginnings, Dr Looi Kok Poh was acutely aware of the inegalitarianism in society. The bond Dr Looi KP feels with his peers back then remains embedded in his heart over the years. To see his peers better than themselves or even than him inspires him to seek out ways to empower the less privileged locally and regionally.

“An information to the mind, is knowledge to a person, an inspiration to the heart is an aspiration to the soul.”

Having benefited from the tutelage of some of the giants in the field of Hand & Reconstructive Microsurgery, it is a natural for Doctor Looi Kok Poh to develop a desire to widen his noble profession by imparting his over two decades of experience to the next generation of surgeons.

While humility is required of a good student, communication is required of a good teacher, but what makes a great teacher is his empathy.

Dr Looi KP is privileged to have guided, trained and mentored surgeons who have gone on to be instrumental in the local and international fields of Hand Surgery.

Dr Looi is a well sought-after speaker in regional and international conferences because of his expert knowledge in the field of Hand & Reconstructive Microsurgery.

Dr Looi Kok Poh - well sought after speaker

Dr Looi Kok Poh takes time off the podium where he is, to participate in improving the standards of care sustainably by training and mentoring local doctors and medical professionals in the community.

This epitomizes Dr Looi’s belief that that experience, and expertise are multiplied when shared and made more valuable when applied with a sincere heart.

“The greater the need one sees, the greater the compulsion within one’s humanity to act.”

As a medical professional, Dr. Looi Kok Poh is aware that the skills he embodies have the potential to alleviate suffering and restore persons to wholesomeness. However, the maldistribution and accessibility of resources between the needy and the well-off motivated him to explore the humanitarian perspective of his profession.

Doctor Looi Kok Poh regularly leads, organize and participates in medical expeditions to the hill tribes of Yunnan,China, Laba Villiage on the Ganeshima hill ranges of Nepal & Riau Islands of Indonesia. His contributions extend beyond time, expertise and effort to even equipment, inventory & supplies.


When tragedy hit Aceh, Indonesia, Dr. KP Looi was moved and found his way to the tsunami devasted area to alleviate suffering in his capacity. In another humanitarian crisis, the hills of Kashmir was split open by a massive earthquake, resulting in massive casualties. He took the risk of uncertain travel to lend his expertise to the afflicted region and others.

Doctor Looi Kok Poh on a medical expedition

Althought he has lead himself to certain callings, even beckoning a few good friends and collegues to join his expeditions, his desire is for young medical professionals to develop a deep sense of humanianism which, in his opinion, is above and beyond the medical profession itself.

Dr Looi Kok Poh’s Publications

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